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 Reinforcement Body Panel

Reinforcement Pad:
Description: Solvent & PVC free, epoxy base, heat curable pad in order to reinforcing body panel 3 to 5 times stronger than before.
Applications: Rear quarter panel, trunk lid, door panel in order to give reinforcement.
Application area: Paint shop & body shop in the automotive industries.
Application temperature: This product chemically crosslink at temperature 150-210 c. The cured material is highly hardness.
norm vehicles: Peugeot-citroen B 747210
Rigidity in bending (25 min @ 170 º c): 30~70 N/mm according to customer demand
Heat resistance: no sagging, sliding and creep in high temperature.
Adhesion to greased sheet metal: good
Pollution of cataphoretic baths: no pollution Not include harmful materials for person Very good effect of vibration reduction.
Storage stability: 90 days at 5~35º c

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