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 Uncurable Butyl Sealant

1-Butyl Paste and Tape Sealing Strip:
description: Solvent & PVC free , butyl base, uncurable pressure sensitive , high tackiness with excellent low temperature flexibility, very high strength and very good chemical , moisture & temperature resistance. Pump able in paste form. Applications: Sealing Joints and overlapping metal, plastic, glass, wood in the vehicle, wagon and container industry, for cable coupling, boxes, die cuts and other similar applications. Sealing seams for body panel joints. Sealing joints, watertight and rust preventing on bolt, tightening up parts between fender panel and body frame to give anticorrosion.
2-Constrained Layer Anti-Vibration:
Solvent & PVC free , rubber base , pressure sensitive , uncurable excellent anti-vibration property in order to stopping vibration of body panel . High tackiness , moisture & temperature resistance. This material adheres well to steel sheet & galvanized. Application area : Paint shop & trim shop in the automotive industries . Application to rear quarter panel in order to stop vibration . In other industrial goods (refrigerator, air conditioner, laundry machine / washing machine, etc).
3-PVC foam core butyl tape (BCF):
Butyl coated PVC foam extrusions come in both rod and tape form, and are highly flexible, conforming readily to corners and irregular contours. These versatile foam extrusions seal effectively against water penetration to prevent corrosion or moisture damage. ideal for sealing joints in RVs, motor homes, trailers and boats where joints are subject to the stress of movement and the effects of compressible closed cell PVC foam , and highly adhesive butyl combine to create a sealant particularly suited to vehicle fabrication.

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