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 White isolator

Product description:
This product is a type of white coverage consisted of polymeric, inorganic material on the basis of water which has flexible & elastic properties on any surface.

Usage and consumption:
This flat insulation is useable on the horizontal, vertical and slops surface, on the background of wood, metal, concrete, asphalt, as well as the wall, pool, water & sewage chanel surfaces & outer surface of water tanks , cooler chanels ,water chanels , roof of the sole & coverage of building index.

Properties and advantages:
Because of environmental problems, nowadays, in most of advanced countries this kind of elastomeric coverage , on the basis of water resins , is used instead of tar insulator .this coverage is incombustible,transportable & strong as well as easy usage& security.
Performance of this coverage is easier than usual covers which used on tar basis. This cover steak easily on the different backgrounds and uneven surface.
Tese materials keep its flexibility & elastic sense in low temperatures.
This material reflexes the sunlight to prevent of wasting the indoor energy, and then stronge air conditioners won't be

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